Where does your timekeeping data need to go? If you are not using the full suite of Kronos products, you may have different vendors for your HR and Payroll needs. You may need to send data to a data warehouse, or another ERP or scheduling program.

If you are upgrading from a legacy Kronos application, you may need to update or rebuild interfaces using Workforce Integration Manager (WIM) instead of Connect. If you have changed payrules, workrules or modified any other configuration, interface validity should be examined to ensure your interfaces are working as designed.

We help you define, design, and build interfaces to and from Kronos and other systems within your organization. Or perhaps you just need a one-time data import. We do that too.

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“We needed several custom interfaces for some specific ACA reporting needs. Originally our data extracts were done in Crystal reports so everything had to be rewritten. [Improvizations'] consultant was great - very knowledgeable and diligent.”

Manufacturing Client

Custom Reports

Kronos comes with a variety of well-designed reports. However, you may need to make strategic decisions based on a certain set of data criteria. Managers and key-decision makers may need actionable data to ensure compliance with new labor laws. The report may need to be produced in a certain format or automated to run. Whatever the reason, sometimes creating a custom report is the answer.

We work with you to determine your data requirements and create the queries needed to create your custom report. We develop the report in the specific output format you need and create the processes to run the report as needed to make timely decisions based on actionable data.

If you are upgrading from a much older Kronos installation, existing custom reports may no longer work, or new standard reports might now meet your business-critical needs. We identify which reports you still need, which reports have been replaced with new standard functionality, and which reports you no longer need. We re-write required custom reports so you continue to have the labor data you need, when you need it.

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