3 Major Signs that it is Time to Upgrade to Kronos WFC Version 8.0

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3 Major Signs that it is Time to Upgrade to Kronos WFC Version 8.0

3 Major Signs that it is Time to Upgrade to Kronos WFC Version 8.0

One of the biggest questions organizations face when dealing with Kronos Workforce Central is: how do we know when it is time to upgrade? Some of the biggest reasons organizations choose to upgrade include legislative and compliance updates, increased functionality, and the sunset factor. The key is being able to evaluate your application within the context of your organizational goals to determine if it is the right timing for an upgrade. Here are 3 major signs that is it time to upgrade to Kronos WFC Version 8.0:

1. Your Kronos Version is Sunsetting

As Kronos continues to revolutionize their Workforce Central application, newer versions are starting to be released more frequently. Organizations are being forced to consider upgrading as the new upgrades put older versions in risk of “Sunsetting.”

Sunsetting: The Sunset Factor refers to the age of your Kronos Workforce Central version. The older the age of your version, the higher the risk of limited technical support. The longer the upgrade is delayed, the more the potential grows for complications from workarounds associated with supporting outdated versions. In some cases, vendor support will even end, and a concrete “point of no return” sunset date will be set.

If your Kronos application remains at a sunsetting version and encounters a serious complication, there may be no vendor to work with the outdated system, leaving your organization exposed. Kronos is now only servicing two versions behind the most current version, meaning anyone operating with a version older than 6.3 is at risk of losing support. However, making the jump from an older version to Workforce Central Version 8.0 can be quite the endeavor. The question becomes how to best upgrade from version 5.2-6.2 to Version 8.0. There is an upgrade path available for organizations needing to move from Version 5-6 to Version 8.0.

2. You are Ready to Move to the Cloud

The shift to the Cloud is growing. The number of companies moving some or all of their enterprise workloads to public or private Clouds increased substantially from 2015 to 2016, jumping from 58 percent to 71 percent.1 Companies who provide Cloud-based workforce management applications argue they create easier access and management of real-time employee data, while providing enterprise class HR, time, and attendance platforms. Organizations consider upgrading or migrating their workforce management applications (e.g. Kronos WFC) into the Cloud for a variety of reasons:

• IT Team Bandwidth: the IT team may not have the resources necessary to install and maintain a specialized core application like Kronos WFC.

• Reliability: the Kronos Cloud may provide greater speed and reliability to access workforce management data.

• Disaster Recovery: the Kronos Cloud provides regular incremental and full back-ups. Disaster Recovery services target a guaranteed Recovery Time Objective of 72 hours.

If any of these benefits would increase ROI for your organization, it could be a sign that it is time to upgrade and move to the cloud. 

3. Your Organization would Benefit from New Functionality 

With each new major software release, Kronos reduces complexity and adds functionality to increase customer satisfaction, productivity, and ROI. For example, recent upgrades moved to a Java-free HTML 5 environment and introduced a simpler user interface. It is crucial to plan for training as companies experience a 17% loss of productivity annually because of unsuccessful user adoption strategies: the equivalent of 52 days of vacation every year!* Devoting adequate resources to training and user adoption strategies increases utilization and decreases the possibility of processing errors. If your organization would benefit from the new functionality being introduced, it may be time to consider upgrading to Version 8.0. 

Deciding whether or not to upgrade to Version 8.0?

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