7 Questions to Help You Tap Into the Power of Your Kronos Platform

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7 Questions to Help You Tap Into the Power of Your Kronos Platform

7 Questions to Help You Tap Into the Power of Your Kronos Platform

It’s our own unofficial study, but we are going to put it out there: We believe that 100% of Porsche owners would prefer to drive in the fast lane over the school zone on any given day. A fairly solid assumption yes? We can easily apply this finding to Kronos users and say that: Many organizations work at a fraction of their capacity because they’ve yet to tap into the true horsepower of the WFM platform.

If you are among the Kronos (Porsche) owners cautiously traveling in the school zone with your WFM platform, you are not alone. It’s a fact that companies use less than 50% of their Kronos functionality. Which immediately sparks the question: What could your team do with an added 50% in efficiency each day?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can flip this equation by optimizing your Kronos and making sure it’s aligned with your company’s business goals. You can start the process with insight gained from answering these questions:

7 optimization questions:


1. Are there complaints about what Kronos isn’t providing?

2. Have your employees fully adopted the application? Do you understand your employees’ complaints, pain points, and the tasks they like and don’t like doing?

3. Is additional training needed? If so, where specifically?

4. How much is being done manually instead of using the automation capabilities of the application?

5. Are the needs of each department manager being met and what workarounds have been designed to meet needs?

6. How many service tickets are open? What isn’t working specifically?

7. Is Kronos functionality aligned with your business goals? 

Optimization Red Flags

Several issues can surface that point to the need for further optimization of your Kronos software including:

Poor user adoption. It’s not uncommon for a company to go live with Kronos and find that over time various challenges continue to frustrate users causing them not to fully adopt. At this point it’s important to identify the challenges and determine what additional training is needed and where.

Automation is underutilized. Automation plays a crucial role in workforce efficiency. It’s important to stop to analyze what’s being done manually versus what can be done automatically, which can immediately boost efficiency and ease the burden of closing out pay cycles. An optimization plan would include reviewing and validate pay rules, work rules, pay code distribution, shift rules, and accruals.

WFM is out of alignment. Your system is humming along but over time you realize that it doesn’t align with the business goals of your organization. Are you trying to cut labor costs? Boost employee engagement? Are you trying to reduce compliance risk? Have you been tasked with reducing operational costs? An optimization assessment and strategy can help you meet these types of business goals.blurred-background-cellphone-coffee-842554

A tune up is past due. If you’ve used Kronos for some time, you may find you need some basic performance tuning and an infrastructure assessment. Because of the many upgrades offered by Kronos, you may not be using all of the powerful new features introduced over the years. Fixing existing issues that your workforce has simply learned to live with will result in labor cost savings.

The ROI isn’t obvious. The excitement of implementation has died down and you know that users are not fully embracing the platform. It’s no surprise that most companies experience a 17% loss in productivity due to unsuccessful user adoption strategies? This lack of adoption is costing you money even if you can’t see it on a spreadsheet. However, by recognize this and putting together an optimization strategy, you can start to begin to reduce errors, increase functionality, and even design custom solutions that align with business goals.

Chances are your current Kronos configuration isn’t considering the unique requirements of each department throughout your organization. Optimizing your WFM system unlocks hidden functionality, improves internal processes, boots employee engagement, increases productivity, and can help you uncover labor cost savings.

Need to optimize your Kronos software?

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