ALERT: 4500 Terminal End of Sale – Devices and Options Discontinued

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ALERT: 4500 Terminal End of Sale – Devices and Options Discontinued

Kronos Inc. announced the End-of-Sale for the 4500 Time Clock Terminal and all new orders for related options. By December 30th, 2016 Kronos will no longer accept new orders for the series 4500 Time Clock terminals.

Kronos Inc. indicated they will continue to support all 4500 devices until further notice, and will issue a 12-month notice before support ends for the Kronos 4500 product series.

What are my Timeclock Upgrade Options?

If your organization is planning on continuing to use the 4500 product series, any additional devices should be purchased as soon as possible before production ends.

 According to the Kronos release, customers currently using 4500 terminals are eligible for a customer incentive to upgrade to an Kronos InTouch terminal.

Upgrading your Kronos Application

If your organization is running WFC Version 6.0 or below, you will need to consider upgrading your Kronos application, as InTouch Devices are incompatible with those versions. Now could be the optimal time to consider upgrading to Workforce Version 8.0 and the Touch ID Terminal clocks.

New Timeclock Functions

The Touch ID units feature functionality such as:
1. Touch ID Biometrics: Biometrics allows punching in by finger-scanning minimizing verification issues such as employees punching in for each other.

2. Smart View: Allows employees access to schedules, time off balances, etc. without involvement from manager or HR.

3. Flash Memory: Stores a back-up of employee data in case of outside crisis, such as network issues or power outage.

4. Back-up Battery: Terminals continue to function, even if there is a power outage within the organization.

Ready to Upgrade you Time clocks or Kronos Application?

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