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Send me your Kronos Pay Codes

Jeff Millard — May 2010

"150% 2/3rds Funeral Leave Pay". As far as I know, this pay code is still in play at a large corporation. It is apparently the intersection of two pay polices. One that says you get 2/3rds of your pay if you need to take leave to attend a funeral and another policy that pays time and a half if you are scheduled to work a schedule not your normal schedule. Yes, even if you were actually on leave. Apparently it was still in use...Why? Because everybody knew that if you had to go to a funeral you changed your schedule with a  buddy and you got your full pay (actually 99.9 % of it) and he or she got time and half. On account of the funeral... Well, I suppose if it was your buddy's funeral and he failed to show up for your scheduled time he would only make 99.9% of his normal pay too. Which isn't half bad when you are 100% dead or not actually working.

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NDA's and the gullibility of some

Bryan deSilva — May 2010

Why is it that so often people who seem to believe in doing the right thing and convince others they are ethical, religious and/or moral, aren't.

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Your Moment of (Kronos Training) Zen - Participant Management

Dwain Lambrigger — May 2010

So what kind of learner are you? Anxious? Cranky? Tired? I know I can get really bored if I am not engaged by the instructor. Learners can act in many ways. Some are not terribly disruptive; (that guy in the back that keeps falling asleep...provided he doesn't snore!) and some can really handcuff the surrounding learners.  Whatever the cause, some learners can be...shall we say...difficult to manage. The purpose of this blog is to discuss management of these very special groups of learners.

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How do you sort your Kronos SOX?

Jeff Millard — May 2010

I have a pair of argyle socks that I've had for a really long time. They are basically black with an electric blue thread as part of the argyle pattern. I bought them as a concession to a somewhat overly corporate-Gordon Gecko-look. (Remember the movie Wall Street...Greed is Good!). The socks just seem to take the edge off the suit. I don't have the suit anymore (or the suspenders) but the socks live on in my sock drawer. of them does.

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