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A Kronos Training Plan in Detail Part V: Making Your Point Again and Again

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2011

I was working on a training plan for a Kronos Workforce Timekeeper training implementation this week when I realized something. Sometimes you just need to stress a point... without making it too obvious that you are stressing a point. Without being too crass, it's like telling a guy his fly is down. You don't want to tell him, but he needs to know.  Similar idea here. I have found that the best way to ensure a point is stressed is to throw it out there more than once. If a date is a concern, then that date appears in the Timeline, the Plan Overview, and the Key Risks sections. Put it wherever it makes sense.

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Kronos Time Off Request Paycode - questions from a client

Bryan deSilva — Feb 2011

"I am working on the Pay Code Profiles for a Kronos Time Off Request or TOR and I am little confused.  A consultant responded with an email that the TOR uses the Edit Pay Code Profile which concerns me not from the employee standpoint but from the Supervisor standpoint as they have more access to Pay Codes than the regular employee.  Is this true will a Supervisor get a large list of Pay Codes when they do a TOR for themselves?

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Too Small to be Rational, Too Big to Care: Part 1 of 2

Jeff Millard — Feb 2011

Years ago when I worked for a very tiny division of very large oil company I had to get a $2,500 contract approved by the central corporate legal department. This review cost me $4,300. Mind you, one of the terms in the contract was “At no time shall this agreement construe liability to either party greater than the value of this contract…” which, again, was only $2,500. Too late. The sharpest legal minds in the company actually found a way to spend $6,800 on it.

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The Kronos Training Plan in Detail Part IV: Easily Digestable Information

Dwain Lambrigger — Feb 2011

So my favorite taco place sells these fish tacos that are unbelievable. I mean, I hope they have these in heaven, because if they don't, I'd have to think twice about going... that good. I probably get four a week. Now that may say more about me than anything else, but really, they are great!

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