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Kronos Oracle to SQL Server Migration Part 1

Bryan deSilva — Apr 2011

This is part of the post-arc started by this overview of Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server, and deals with experiences with Kronos migrations.

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Too small to be rational, too big to care Part 2 of 3

Jeff Millard — Apr 2011

In the first episode of this blog on rationalizing policies and practices across wholly owned but separate entities I touched on the most common grist of size and function with the example of a big oil company running a small lemonade stand. Freshly squeezed from a client in a completely different industry I can tell you that, while the particular issues change, the themes are universal. Therefore, in this second part of my blog, I would like to categorize the common types of wrinkles we are called to iron out either before or during a large Kronos Workforce Management / Payroll project. In Part III I’ll even share some of the best practice ways we have seen them addressed using Kronos Timekeeper and, of course, share some of the less-than-brilliant approaches.

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What Do You Expect from Kronos WFC Course Participants?

Dwain Lambrigger — Apr 2011

We have spent a good deal of time talking about what the role of a trainer is in a Kronos Workforce training course. As I have said previously, I want to maintain an environment where learning can take place. I am responsible for everything in the classroom, from what I say to the materials provided, to the light and temperature of the training room.  That is on me. But what is on the participants?  What do we require in this contracted relationship we call a training class.  What do you expect of your participants?  What will you ACCEPT from your participants?  Two different questions... This may help you understand a little better.   

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More Tuning Kronos and SQL Server Tips

Bryan deSilva — Apr 2011

Ken Lassesen from Microsoft's SQL Server blog adds another tip to our readers. Below is a preview of another article he's written for all the Kronites out there.

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