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Building a Framework for the Kronos Training Plan

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2011

Like using Kronos Timekeeper, it's Efficiency We're After!

So I was filling out a resource calendar today, you know, so my bosses can have a good idea of what I am doing day in and day out. As I was plugging in dates of completion, hours to work on specific days and secondary dates as a result of the working days and "primary" dates of completion, and it hit me...Is there a better way to track all of this information on one program? I mean, this project, (and most training projects) just aren't big enough to track in Microsoft Project on their own. Personally, I use Excel to track most of this stuff, but it isn't intuitive and it isn't great to look at. So, here are my needs, and some ideas. 

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Kronos Configuration - Careful to not "reinvent the wheel"

Raymond Ney — Aug 2011

How many times have we heard the old cliché don’t reinvent the wheel? Under normal circumstances the phrase usually applies as a standard catchphrase for many things in life. Per Wikipedia's definition: "To reinvent the wheel is to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others". As it is one of the key sayings that have been used lately and one that I have enjoyed over the years, I felt it worthwhile to write about the particular topic when it comes to your Kronos pay or work rule configuration. The catchphrase can also be applied to configuring other areas of Workforce Timekeeper (display profiles, accruals, or <your idea here!>).

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On-The-Job Training for Workforce Timekeeper Implementations

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2011

A lot of our Kronos Workforce Timekeeper training tries to mimic on-the-job (OTJ) training. Why is that? OTJ training is often the least planned and most inexpensive forms of training. Generally considered an afterthought, OTJ is probably the oldest form of training. I was just camping with my son, and I had the opportunity to show him how to clean a fish. Then, I had the chance to watch him do the same thing.  (This thrilled me just slightly less than catching the two fish in the first place!) I mean, haven't we all sat with someone to learn specific tasks on a job? So again, why is that? Here are some of the reasons it works so well in so many situations:

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