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Brown Bag Sessions - Quick and Impactful Kronos Training

Dwain Lambrigger — Oct 2011

Organizations trying to stretch their training budget while maximizing the time allotted by participants are using brown bag session for their Kronos training. In this entry, I will define what a brown bag session is and highlight some tips and tricks for effective use of a brown bag session.  Brown bag training CAN but is not absolutely defined as a training session held during or near the lunch in which lunch is not provided. These sessions are generally short, rarely lasting longer than one hour, and are informal in nature. Also, brown bag sessions tend to have a smaller number of participants. Often they are conducted in a conference room or large meeting room, and not in a training room! Now, I qualified this definition with a CAN because this definition, though fairly consistent is not hard and fast. This is helpful to you as the designer of a training program because you will have the ability to shape all aspects of the courses to your liking...Have some snacks to share? Great, give me some. Only have 30 minutes of training? Fantastic, my blood sugar levels thank you. Meeting in a quiet corner of the cafeteria? Awesome, minimizes my commute to training. Brown bag sessions are easy to characterize, but hard to define. 

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Another server for Kronos? Sure, that's definitely NOT a problem!

Raymond Ney — Oct 2011

We recently assisted a customer with a Workforce Central Timekeeper build for an additional server. After completion we wondered; was it really worth the effort? I would have to say a resounding yes. There could be several environments in addition to production. Several examples include training, development, or testing. Also, having a test system allows the entire organization to implement change on the fly while eliminating any risk to production.  Sometimes it is also referred to as a sandbox. As we enter autumn, I like to think of having at least one additional Kronos server akin to having the first tree from a certain species available for landscape design. Having seen customers with two or even three Kronos systems beyond production, I’d like to focus on how just having even a single “mirror of production” a.k.a. "test server" could be beneficial. 

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Simplify the Complex Kronos Environment

Bryan deSilva — Oct 2011

As someone who writes about innovation and is a Twitter friend of mine, Jose Baldaia is one who understand the importance of not only encouraging innovation in companies, but also engaging others in the innovation. Jose recently wrote a post about this topic, What we need is the ability to simplify the complex and do it at scale.

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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Training from a 50,000 Foot View

Dwain Lambrigger — Oct 2011

When training Kronos Timekeeper, it is a good idea to take an occasional look from 50.000 (50K) feet up. Just make sure you have a parachute! The 50K view is very helpful in creating understanding. Kronos training can be complex. That is specifically, but not exceptionally true when talking about configuration training.

There are steps, upon steps, upon steps to building great Workforce Timekeeper tools like genies, pay rules or HyperFind queries. Now, most system administrators are familiar with the fact that there are building blocks to creating WFTK tools, but more general users are not. When these types of users are in training, it's a good idea to talk about specific steps, then occasionally take a view from 50K so that you can remind participants of the process. Without reminding these users of the overall process, goal, and how it relates to them and their job, you will lose them. Sorry to say, these users are focused on what they need to do. Listen, your training MUST BE ABLE to do one of these three things:

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