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NGUI Training...Training what Kronos Says Doesn't Need Training

Dwain Lambrigger — Jun 2012

So a few years ago, I was shopping with my wife and she found what must have been the most beautiful sweater ever made. The color and fabric were perfect for me; it was cool! I know this because those were her exact words. Anyway, I tried it on and found it to be a little itchy. "Don't worry about it," my wife replied, "that will go away after a few washings, besides, it's on sale!" Well, guess what, it's been washed 10 to 15 times by now, and though it still looks cool, the thing continues to itch like crazy. I purchased something I really liked, but was less than happy with so I could save money.

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Creating a Kronos Genie to Check Employee Import Data

Jeffry Charnow — Jun 2012

Checking the Kronos Employee Import

Remember Genies can be created to show lots of employee based info. If you are in the Kronos implementation phase and having troubles with the Employee Import, you should create a genie with as much of the important employee information as you can. This way an average user can easily Select All /Export to Excel and they can tell you what is wrong with it.

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Kronos Effective Dating (Part 2 - Workforce Scheduler)

Raymond Ney — Jun 2012

My last article (Part 1) outlined how effective dates impacted the employee record for Workforce Timekeeper (WTK) items. In this article I will discuss how the Workforce Central (WFC) system handles effective dates for those components that apply to a Workforce Scheduler (WFS) licensed employee.  First, let’s start with a scenario: 

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