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Key Elements for Managing your Kronos Project: Starting the Journey

Cindy Hagen — Aug 2012

Have you been selected to manage a Kronos project in your organization? Congratulations! Leading a Kronos project is challenging, fast-paced and sometimes trying. But in the end, it’s a lot of fun to cross the go-live finish line with your team and deliver a unique and valuable WFM solution to your organization. 

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Workforce Timekeeper QUALITY Training in the Retail Environment

Dwain Lambrigger — Aug 2012

Anyone who has experience will tell you that the retail market (as opposed to manufacturing, health care or government/education) is very unique. When planning a Workforce Timekeeper upgrade or implementation, a critical aspect of the overall success and adoption of the system is application/system training; a top consideration should be: How can Workforce Timekeeper training be adapted to the retail environment? This is by no means an in-depth blog entry, but more of a quick review, the main ideas expressed here can be used to develop something more individualized for a retail organizations individual needs. So let's start:

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