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Roll-up Genies - Tools of the Trade

Jeffry Charnow — Sep 2012

Payroll Close Genie vs. Pay Period Close Genie: 

I know you are familiar with the Pay Period Close Genie. This is a detail Genie that lists all the employees (a manager can see) and shows if their timecard is approved, signed off, or if there is anything left for the manager to do (missed punches or Unexcused Absences), but what about the Payroll Close Genie – the one that summarizes all the facilities – the one that the payroll department can look at to see if they are ready to process payroll.

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Where Did You Work Today? Department Transfers at a Kronos Terminal

Dwain Lambrigger — Sep 2012

One great feature of the 4500 Terminal is the ability of employees to record department transfers in real time without accessing their timecard. As most managers know, applying transfers in an employee’s timecard after the fact is a bit of a hassle; especially if the transfer took place in the first part of the day. Knowing where to apply the transfer punch, then the transfer and ensuring that it is correct is a fairly complex task. So get that off your plate!

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WFM Implementation Success: Time is $$

Raymond Ney — Sep 2012

Let’s face it; nobody wants to “work”. Unless you find an occupation that you enjoy every working day; then it doesn’t seem like “work”, but more a part of your lifestyle and something you can take pride in. So what does that have to do with Improvizations or Kronos?

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