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Kronos Workforce Timekeeper: The power of Group Edits

Jeffry Charnow — Nov 2012

I am always surprised when long time users of Kronos’ Workforce Timekeeper seem to have forgotten about the ability to perform group edits.

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Kronos Workforce Central: Automatic Reallocations

Jeffry Charnow — Nov 2012

Another hidden gem within Kronos’ Workforce Central is the ability to automatically move the allocation of hours around. What does these mean, move hours around? Well, you already know that when an employee works they accrue time in both pay codes as well as in labor levels. Pay Codes will determine how the employee is paid for the time worked, and the Labor Levels determine where the hours get charged (labor distribution). Pay Codes are determined within the Pay Rule / Work Rule combination (actually within the Pay Code Distribution within the Work Rule) while the default labor distribution is determined by the Home Labor Account in the employee’s person record.

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Should I Memorize My Kronos Payrules?

Bryan deSilva — Nov 2012

Kronos Timekeeper Can't Solve Every Payroll Problem

Jeff Millard has written about how in many organizations the way employees get paid is not consistent with policy and sometimes not even consistent between different Payroll Clerks. I think about these types of problems often and this particular one continually haunts me. The answer doesn't lie in the policy; many companies are actually quite clear in their intent. Nor is it the Kronos Timekeeper Payrules; they might be well programmed. One might think the Clerk mentioned above is the source of the failure, but they have had proper training. Have they? Yes. But is it too late? I'm beginning the think the actual source of the problem is how we are taught from the very beginning, in grammar school. Memorize, behave, comply. That's the through line of public education. It's not Connect the dots, make something interesting, ask good questions, become passionate about something. Memorize, behave, comply.

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Thinking Outside the Box: Using Kronos to Track Sales Revenue

Myron Oakes — Nov 2012

When a lot of smart people get together, you always run the risk that someone will have a right-brain thought. You know – the creative side, where the cool stuff comes from, much of which is impractical and crazy, but some of which would be great if we could figure out how to do it.

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Balancing Communication For Workforce Central Project Success

Mathew Tavolacci — Nov 2012

You have done it! You have just kicked off your latest Workforce Central project. As a Kronos Implementation team member, you know that you have a lot of knowledge and information that you need to transfer to the client. As a client project team member, you want to know as much as you can about the new software and how to get the most out of it that you can and show a good ROI.

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