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QuickTip - Reviewing Exceptions in Workforce Timekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — May 2013

Possibly the most important task any manager does in Workforce Timekeeper is review punch exceptions. Now, as most manager know, the punch reviewed may require an edit, be it a comment and note, a cancelled meal deduction, or a change of punch interpretation. In some cases, there isn't anything that is needed. Just being aware of the existence of the exception is enough. 

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QuickTip - Making Hours Move in KronosTimekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — May 2013

While on vacation, an employee, let's call him Ted, realized he was using up all his vacation time. He knew he needed to take a couple of vacation days later in the month, so once he returned to work he asked an HR rep if another pay code could be used in place of his vacation for a few of his previous vacation days. Upon review, it was determined that he could use PTO for three of his five vacation days, saving him that vacation time for later in the month. Now that he had approval, what should his manager do to get those hours to another pay code? Well, move them! Move them using the Move Hours function in Workforce Timekeeper. 

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The Mystery of Kronos Workflow Notifications

Chandler Paris — May 2013

One (of many?) Kronos Workforce Central Mysteries

My favorite definition of a mystery is not one that is usually found when looking up the word in a dictionary. It was once told to me that a mystery is anything that has not yet been revealed. I like this definition because it gives me hope that most things that are not known now will be known in the future. Sometimes, the answer hasn’t been revealed because the path to solving it is not clear. This can also be true for Work Flow Notifications. 

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