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Kronos - Do you want Excel with that Timekeeper?

Raymond Ney — Sep 2013

Customers spend a lot of money implementing and/or upgrading Kronos, so it only makes sense to get as much out of it as possible. So, what else can we do with it? Do we total the data and put it in a spreadsheet? Is it better presented as on a Report, in a Genie, or as a CSV file? What information is going to be beneficial to extract; what’s better to put in an email? What else can we do with Genies?

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How to Track Skills and Certifications in Workforce Timekeeper

Dwain Lambrigger — Sep 2013

Skills and certifications are a useful Kronos feature that allows organizations to schedule employees more effectively. By using skills and certification, a business can better serve its customers or a hospital can ensure that departments have nurses with specific certifications. Let’s start by defining skills and certifications, and then talk about where Kronos stores this information, and finally, how it is used.

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What is Change Management for Kronos?

Bryan deSilva — Sep 2013

Change is constant. Right, we all know that. So what's the big deal? Firstly let's get some definitions down for this series as these topics cross one another all over the place.

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Java and Kronos™: Why Java? What version? Upgrading?

Raymond Ney — Sep 2013

A Kronos Applications Consultant's View of Java

Recently, there has been a lot of dialog in regards to Java and Kronos, specifically Java vulnerabilities. Kronos chose Java technology primarily for its rich functionality, cross platform compatibility, and compliance. In this two part series I will:

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