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How to Succeed at Project Management: Building a Proper Foundation

Jenna Ryckman — Feb 2015

We never intentionally set ourselves up for failure. However, in the world of IT project management, new managers will often find themselves in the midst of a project doomed to fail, without fully understanding who or what went wrong. In order for any IT project to be successful, it must be built on a strong foundation. There are four key building blocks necessary to build a strong foundation for an enterprise IT project.

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Mapping Out Your Successful Kronos Installation

Amy Doughten — Feb 2015

Are You Really Lost if You Know You're Not Where You're Supposed to Be?

Company legend holds that I might find my way out of a paper bag with a flashlight, a map, and someone holding my hand, but that has yet to be supported with any conclusive evidence. I am, in fact, direction-ally challenged. I am the person who has to turn the map to reflect my current position because understanding that north is not necessarily in front of me makes my head spin.

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