What are we Kronos Workforce Central Fans Thankful for in 2014?

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What are we Kronos Workforce Central Fans Thankful for in 2014?

What are we Kronos Workforce Central Fans Thankful for in 2014?

So 2013 is gone... (and may I be the first to say how weird it is?  I mean, when I was a kid I thought it would be cool to live to the year 2000!) What do we have that we can be grateful for? Or should I say, thankful for? I know I missed the Thanksgiving holiday for this post, so hopefully this image will tie that and Christmas together nicely. So let's look at some of the things to be thankful for this year:

1. Leadership - Kronos continues to push forward in the field of workforce management. Ten years ago we were happy with Workforce Central. Time and attendance with a dash of scheduling. That's all we really needed. Right?  Wrong. Kronos has greatly expanded their suite of products to include HR/Payroll, changing the frame of reference from merely Kronos Attendance and Kronos Leave Management to Workforce Absence Management, and improving from the simplicity of Data Collection Manager to the more robust Workforce Device Manager for the newest terminals we use today. Some of these changes have been simple, some more challenging, but Kronos has worked to keep with changing technology (and in some cases, ahead of it) to provide for the needs of their customers.

2. Commitment - Kronos has shown a high level of commitment to both the products they produce and their customers.  It is impossible to do business today without creating some frustrations with your customer base, but by and large, Kronos has striven to provide solutions that meet the demands of their customers in many markets.  Kronos is committed to their products, working to fix what is wrong and to provide new features and functionality.

3. Advancement - I am providing a couple of questions to describe the idea of advancement. Is your organization better for having Kronos? Can you do more with less? Can you do it with a higher level of efficiency with fewer mistakes?  Most commonly the answers to these questions are a resounding "Yes!" Kronos has taken an industry and developed it, helped it grow, and thereby forced their competitors to improve their product as well. The industry of Workforce Management (even if Kronos created the name!) is better because Kronos is there.

By providing leadership, commitment, and technological advancement, Kronos works hard to improve the workforce management space, and we appreciate it. Now, how can we work together with you to successfully improve your Kronos ROI?


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