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How to Help Solve the Problem - Problem Solving in a Kronos WFC World

How to Help Solve the Problem - Problem Solving in a Kronos WFC World

So, what makes you wonder?  What makes you dig?  What gives you that itch?  You know, the one you just can't get rid of until a problem is solved or an answer provided?  In the WFC world, we all know about the IT guy that dives into the application looking for every bug that exists, then about ways to resolve it.  Like a terrier going after a gopher, they dive into a hole, digging through with relentless energy. 

FRANKLY,  I'm not that guy.  I find stuff, but I don't always go out and look for it.  As a trainer by trade, I look for what I need to deliver curriculum.  If I have what I need, I take it and use it.  If it isn't pertinent to my curriculum, then I probably won't realize the problem exists.  But what happens when you run into an "issue?"  When something doesn't work right?  Here are some things I do to get some added information, so that I can help the guru when they stop by to resolve these issues. 

1)  Be clear about the issue

Understand what you are trying to do and what happens when you do it.  Clearly define the issue that occurs when you try to complete your normal task.  Use common Kronos terminology to describe the issue. 

2)  Are you the only one experiencing this?

If possible, go to another user and see if they are experiencing the same issue.  If another supervisor is having the same issue, but a system administrator isn't, that could be an important clue.  So when you experience the issue, ask around.

3)  Is it employee specific?

Try to re-create the issue with other employees.  Is the issue occurring with only one employee?  Only a specific group of employees?  Does it occur with employees that have something in common like work rule or labor account?  Do they work the same schedule?  All good questions to ask.

4)  When does the issue occur?

 Know what happens, when, and why it is wrong.  If possible, have examples of other employees who have the same issue  and when it occurs.Does holiday pay not calculate for a specific employee based on his schedule?  You can tell this occurs the day after the holiday because the employee isn't getting their .5 holiday.  

It really is amazing what you can find out by following some simple steps.  Often, you can save lots of time in resolving the issue be providing clear information to your IT help desk.  So, what makes you curious?  By following these simple steps, a couple of questions answered can really speed things up.  Take some time and get some detailed information.  You'll be glad you did. 


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