Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series

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Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series

Testing your new Kronos Configuration - A Blog Series

So you are implementing your Kronos application.  You've spent a lot of time working with your organization to ensure you have captured all the necessary information.  Your configuration is moving along swimmingly!  Your system getting ready to use and your change management and training plans are moving along.  What did you forget? Do you know your system will work as designed?  Did your configuration hit the mark? 

Do you know? 

How can you know? 


Over the next several blog entries, we will talk about testing. We will cover:

  1. Who needs a testing plan anyway?

  2. Who should lead the testing in your organization?

  3. How can you write effective test scripts?

  4. Who are you testers and what should they know?

  5. What are the tools of the trade?

  6. When should testing start and when should it finish?

  7. What is the testing process?

So over the next several entries, we will be reviewing these common issues and questions in an attempt to convince you of the importance of testing and to help you put your best step forward when creating your test program.  An effective testing program will go a long way to ensuring that your Kronos application will do what you want it to do consistently.  We all want that, so let's out a little time in now to help make that happen!



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