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The Next Big Thing at KronosWorks 2014

The Next Big Thing at KronosWorks 2014

KronosWorks 2014 in Las Vegas is only 9 days away and those of us who have been to KronosWorks before and support the Kronos products are wondering what will be the "Next Big Thing" in the Kronos world this year.

At my last KronosWorks back in 2012, the Kronos Workforce Tablet was the "Big Thing" with the idea of helping front line managers to "manage in the moment". The demonstrations were impressive and it was great to hold the iPad in my hands and experiencing the new method of interfacing with Workforce Central.

While I didn't attend KronosWorks in Orlando in 2013, I heard that the "Big Thing" was the introduction of Social Media components to Workforce Central. I liked the fact that you could integrate more messaging and user images with the product. In addition, the previously released Workforce Central 7.0 was front and center with new features being discussed at length.

Many clients struggle with deploying Java across their organization and want something that works well with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE and will work on more tablets and smart phones. The constant cycle of upgrades, which are really no longer optional, are forcing users and IT professionals to constantly upgrade and just when you have rolled out the new version, a new one gets released.

Could Kronos be announcing WFC Version 8 at KronosWorks? You have to wonder seeing that if their next release is HTML5 instead of JAVA, I would think it would be different enough to give it its own version number. Also, could Kronos be moving away from the incremental releases (6.0, 6.1, 6.2, etc.)? With the push to the cloud, fixes and enhancements could be as seamless as the updates that we do today for our smartphone applications.

To those of you that read our blog, I would love to know, what you think will be the "Big Thing" at KronosWorks 2014 and what were your "Big Things" of the past?

Chandler Paris
Senior Workforce Consultant

This year, at KronosWorks 2014, in gratitude to our clients and our consultants, Improvizations will be giving away the Gift of Time. Stop by our booth #611. Tell us why you need more time - and we'll see how we can help.


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