Kronos Advanced Scheduler and Hospital Capacity Management

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Kronos Advanced Scheduler and Hospital Capacity Management

Kronos Advanced Scheduler and Hospital Capacity Management

This topic is gaining more and more steam, and generating discussion in our Kronos Consulting practice. I was browsing one of my favorite presentation sites, Slideshare, and came across a deck on Hospital Capacity Management. To start, let's make certain we are talking about the same thing. Rene states that "The main objective of capacity management is to efficiently use the main physical resource of a hospital (beds) in order to provide excellent care to actual and future patients." She goes on to talk about patient flow and the complexity that is this subject.

This becomes really interesting if the capacity management softare, such as Infosys or McKesson, actually handles the analysis according to the analytics and cacluations the organization prefers. Wouldn't it be great if the expected volume of the hospital feeds into the nurse scheduling tool? Hospitals expect this and when they don't have it one can feel their pain.

For those of us who love Kronos Workforce Central Advanced Scheduler we have a new option. At Kronosworks TeleTracking and Kronos announced that soon we'd have integration between their softwares. This type of integration is important and will make consulting with Kronos Scheduler easier. We need to know the capacity management data to properly schedule nurses and this combination promises to do just that! From the press release, "The upcoming release of TeleTracking's Capacity Management Suite™ system (version 3.2) featuring the integration with Kronos will provide real-time, around-the-clock volume data, such as incoming patients; discharges; and transitions in level-of-care."


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