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OK. I'm on a roll. Here's the detail. JRE installation packages are built using InstallShield Developer 7. The JRE installation executables include built-in support for silent (unattended) installations. In the command line we can do all sorts of fun stuff, but let's focus on topic. Here's a command line sample.

j2re-1_4_2_06-windows-i586-p.exe /s /v"/qn IEXPLORER=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL UPDATE=1 /L C:\jre.log"

Here is the command for silent installation, turning off automatic updates:

.exe /s /v "/qn[ADDLOCAL=jrecore[,extra][,other_US] | ALL] [IEXPLORER=1] [NETSCAPE6=1] [MOZILLA=1] [INSTALLDIR=:\] [REBOOT=Suppress] [JAVAUPDATE=0] [EULA=1]"

The options are described below.

  • .exe is the single executable installer for the JRE
  • ADDLOCAL is either jrecore[,extra][,other_US] or ALL
  • IEXPLORER=1 indicates that the JRE should be registered with the Internet Explorer browser
  • NETSCAPE6=1 indicates that the JRE should be registered with Netscape 6 or later browsers
  • MOZILLA=1 indicates that the JRE should be registered with Mozilla 1.1 and later browsers
  • INSTALLDIR specifies the drive and path of the installation
  • REBOOT=Suppress indicates that if locked files are encountered the computer should not be rebooted
  • JAVAUPDATE=1 indicates that Java Update feature is enabled
  • EULA=1 indicates that End User License Agreement will be displayed on first use and not during installation

See all the details for installation options at the Java web site.

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