Twitter - Do You Tweet?

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Twitter - Do You Tweet?

This is reprinted from our newsletter so you can respond more easily - Do you Tweet?

Visions of Tweetybird seeing a puddy tat aside, do you Tweet?

Social networking has become the "in" thing. MySpace (or Facebook for us older types) is rapidly becoming the way to keep up with family and friends. Business social networks like LinkedIn are impacting the way recruiters find people, people find jobs, and groups with a common cause unite.

Recognizing the power of social networking, the Obama campaign was heavily invested in social networking sites, including Twitter. In fact, their grassroots campaign was effective in raising money, organizing local support, and getting out the vote using new technology in an unprecedented way.

It's been noted that he now has a database of literally millions of users with whom he can instantly communicate, mobilize on issues, and keep active and engaged. The best part? It's all mostly free.

I've been looking at

Twitter as a means for us to brand Improvizations and our Kronos services. I'm curious - do any of you use Twitter for business contacts? How do you use it? Has it been helpful or is it a time waster? I'd really love to hear your thoughts/input. Email: or reply to my post to the kronos-fans blog. Thanks everyone!

Amy "The Improv Marketing Chick"



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