Changing the Database and/or DB Passwords for Kronos Workforce Central 5.2 / 6.x

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Changing the Database and/or DB Passwords for Kronos Workforce Central 5.2 / 6.x

So should one do a complete reinstall to make sure all the little tiny bits are set right or simply make changes to the systems settings and ODBC settings? That's the question I've heard often enough lately that I decided to post it here. I suppose you think, despite what you've seen in previous posts that I'm actually going to answer that question. Well, yes and no, because like so many other things the answer is, "It depends!"

  1. If you have a clean, zero problem installation then we choose the settings change option. How many people can claim that though? Still it's fast and easy. Try it in TEST first.

  2. Perhaps you want to use this as an excuse to reinstall so that you can ferret out the gremlins. We are talking Kronos Workforce Central here so this is often a good idea.

  3. You have a version before 5.1. This is easy. Reinstall and use the opportunity to upgrade to 6.x, or at least 5.2 to get the infrastructure improvements.

So the rest of this article is really just screenshots of the appropriate places to modify the setup. They are posted in a Slide Share here for your viewing pleasure. Ping me back with any ideas to improve this and I'll update the Slide Share for you.

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Below are a couple of password change and system account links on the Kronos customer support site that might prove helpful.

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