Who are we? Kronos Consultants or more?

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Who are we? Kronos Consultants or more?


This blog entry celebrates our new website and is a portend of things to come. In a few words, I hope to communicate to the Improvizations team, our clients, prospects and 'Fans' who we are and what we all should expect every day.

Almost a decade ago I wrote a Vision. It was more to me than simply a Business Plan requirement. I wanted to make clear to myself the right way to go about things in life.

Hang out with interesting people, pioneering customers and suppliers. Failure is a prerequisite to success. Screw-ups are the mark of excellence. If it works, it's obsolete. Innovation is driven by diversity. Prototype more than plan. Re-frame everything into something way better than expected. WOW everything. This is a summary of Tom Peters work, and in many ways I've always believed in the same.

Yep. You can't go wrong having those kinds of thoughts as a driving force in a consulting business. Improvizations is thinking about it's brand, my brand. Hmm. Never really thought about it before. It's always been simple in my mind. Do what you say you'll do and everything else works out. How well does this grow with a company? I've never really cared + IT HAS TO.

Our brand shows

  • what we stand for... Integrity

  • our ability to make a difference... Experience

  • and our willingness to work out of the box and make the difficult decisions... Innovation

We are a Professional Service Firm (PSF)

  • We do work worth paying for every time

  • We provide incredible Client service through awesome projects

  • We have innovative approaches to the Client's problems and innovative players to help implement those approaches

  • We also "raise hell, constantly question "the way things are done around here" and never, ever rest on our laurels

  • Are well known for our craft, our R&D excellence and our knowledge base.

The above is our mindset, our attitude. Our intent is clear. We are mounting an adventure towards work that WOW's! In order to be a leader we need to perform miracles and in order to do that we must use every available gift. Our new game is to be the "scintillating center of value added through knowledge capital accumulation." Do work that matters and do it better and faster than the best PSF of today, and tomorrow.

Thanks for being here.

Enjoy the ride.

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