What is the verdict? Should your company upgrade?

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What is the verdict? Should your company upgrade?

What is the verdict? Should your company upgrade?

This week we've discussed the three main reasons to upgrade: Software currency, tech support, and optimization. However, do these reasons mean your company should just jump right in and upgrade?  

Next week we start a series of blogs with another guest author who is the "Pioneer of the Schedule-Centric" module. He talks about several tasks you MUST do before beginning the upgrade process.  

So back to the question we asked at the beginning of this series: Due to the significance of the Kronos 6.1 upgrade, it's one version that demands a verdict. Do you know what side of the line your company is on? Should you?

The Improvizations team has developed a process called The Upgrade Studio. Regardless of the size of your company, this process provides a comprehensive look at your current Kronos usage, infrastructure, and other components to create a plan to upgrade (or in some cases, NOT to upgrade!)


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