The Kronos Healthcare Quest

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The Kronos Healthcare Quest

For healthcare organizations, one of the "Holy Grails" of software is a staff scheduling application that puts scheduling tools in the hands of their managers while simultaneously providing their leadership with labor productivity data to manage costs. This is a noble goal-and an achievable one-but not many Kronos healthcare customers seem to have put their hands on it yet.
Have you?

For a Kronos customer who has an established Timekeeper system, the Quest for the Grail starts with the acquisition of the Advanced Scheduler module, as they realize (correctly so) that there is a lot of synergy to be gained by leveraging their existing infrastructure and application knowledge of a very solid timecard tool. Unfortunately, besides realizing a lot of buzzwords, they find themselves only marginally closer to their goal (and probably relieved just to have implemented the module!)

What is wrong with this picture?! Is Kronos the right choice for scheduling software and, if so, why aren't customers getting to where they hoped they would be?

The problem is that the Kronos WFC suite is a single application, but it is not regarded that way. Scheduler is treated-configured, administered, and generally thought of-like a standalone scheduling tool, while Timekeeper, the core of WFC, continues to be maintained and used just like it always has been. And no time is spent rethinking how it could be and what it would look like if the traditional assumptions about applications and roles and business processes were chucked out the window.

It doesn't have to be that way. WFC is an integrated environment, so treat it like one! Don't be afraid to take your processes and transform them to make the best use of the functionality for your business needs, instead of configuring the modules to match your pre-Kronos processes.
What if...

  • only had one application for both timekeeping and scheduling?

  • had a single point of entry for everything related to an employee' s time?

  • ...your labor productivity data accounted for both schedules AND timecard totals?

  • ...your Kronos modules worked in harmony with each other instead of in silos by themselves?

That's an interesting concept, huh? That is what Improvizations' Healthcare WA is all about. It is not Scheduling. It is not Timekeeping. It is not Leave & Attendance. It is Kronos in healthcare with all modules and processes designed to work in harmony with each and with you.


This is the first of a new series of blogs about Healthcare WA and why you can achieve what you're missing out on.


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