Work Your Plan - Building a Training Plan for your Kronos WFC Implementation - Part II

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Work Your Plan - Building a Training Plan for your Kronos WFC Implementation - Part II

The information has been gathered and a Training overview document has been started. In this installation of our Kronos Training Zen blog series, we will complete the discussion about the creation of the training plan document; specifically, sections that should be included and the data each section should contain.

Every document has to start with a beginning. The Introduction and Overview is just that. Only a sentence or two should be dedicated to each topic below: 

  • Introduce the training plan as part of the overall implementation.  

  • Note the dates and locations of fact finding and discovery sessions that have taken place, as well as who took part in these sessions. 

  • Provide a brief timeline of the training plan and how it fits within the time constraints of the overall implementation

  • Incorporate a sentence or two describing the goals of the training plan.   

As we all know, with most implementations there is an executive sponsor. The time constraints on the sponsor often mean that their time is limited. Basically, they are busy. That's probably why they get the comfy chair!
With this in mind, an Executive Summary should be presented early in your documented training plan and incorporate more information than the first section. Outline the project here; not all of the training events, course deliverables and groups to be trained. Incorporate project costs as well. Remember that the detail is not necessary here. Again, think overview.  

The next area to cover is the training plan itself. This is a detailed description of the training from start to finish. Often the best way to present this information is in an outline format. This really helps keep things clear when reading, and referencing. Keep this outline in chronological order, showing each training course, the number of events required, the number of attendees, where and when the courses will take place and what deliverables will be included. Include all pre and post training as well. Build in change management deliverables and processes, pre and post assessments and any other initiatives in the plan. The remainder of the document is simply a reflection of the information listed here. In the next installment, the rest of the suggested sections will be discussed.     


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