Hello Stromberg T&A Customers! Welcome to Kronos Timekeeper

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Hello Stromberg T&A Customers! Welcome to Kronos Timekeeper

Welcome Stromberg Time and Attendance users to the Kronos Workforce Central world. It's great to see a new group come to play in our sandbox! Don't worry, we don't bite. As a matter of fact, we have pretty much fun, and I think so will you. As you learn to navigate our little workforce management world, feel free to ask questions, enjoy our  support group at Yahoo, learn about some of the cool things you'll be able to accomplish when you end up with Workforce Central.

  1. Better labor tracking (7 labor levels instead of only 3) 

  2. More configuration options such as pretty darn good handling of shift differentials

  3. A serious scheduling tool

  4. ... we'll talk about more later

Are you going to Kronosworks? Join in on the "Pick Our Brains" contest to find out more about what change you are about to enjoy. Check out some of the good stuff Improvizations has to offer too, like the Upgrade Studio. We're going to make it easy for you to switch to Kronos Timekeeper. Not implemented yet? We can help you navigate the challenges that are a software implementation with the best practice Upgrade Studio processes.

Are you preparing for an implementation or upgrade?

describe the imageLearn the secrets from an IT Director and CIO about the most important things to not miss when upgrading or implementing Kronos.

Download the Workforce Management Implementation Strategy White Paper.


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