Single Point of Entry (Kronos WFC)

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Single Point of Entry (Kronos WFC)

What is the most immediately noticeable feature of a harmonious implementation of Kronos WFC in healthcare? A single point of entry for employee transactional data.

In a perfect world, that single point of entry would have all the functionality of the entire WFC suite and all modules accessible at your fingertips, so you could see whatever you need to see and update whatever needs to be updated. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world and Kronos does not have that cross-modular single point of entry developed (yet!).

Dreaming for a moment of a perfect world, wouldn't it be great if the system had a "screen" (or "view" or "grid" or "Genie" or whatever you want to call it) where you could put in all schedules and manage your staffing AND IN THE SAME PLACE put in all transfers and pay codes AND IN THE SAME PLACE manage punches and exceptions AND IN THE SAME PLACE see totals and accrual balances and attendance events and leave cases? That would be AWESOME!! But of course we all know that "screen" does not exist.

So, in lieu of perfection, we work with what we have. And what Kronos has that provides the most and best selection of functionality is the location schedules in the form of the Schedule Planner. This is the place that you should configure your system and design your business processes to perform most of your system interaction. (It's a "schedule-centric" configuration approach!) In the Schedule Planner, you can manage employee and location schedules, deal with staffing, put in all the transfers and pay codes, see some accruals, and even drive attendance events or see some of the output of the leave module. That's actually quite a bit of the "perfect world" we dreamed above - and probably a lot closer to perfect than you thought was possible.

Next week we are going to look at what you can and should put on the schedule specifically and what functions are best left elsewhere.


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