Share the Kronos knowledge

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Share the Kronos knowledge

Attention Kronos Consultants! That also means you Ms. HRIS and Mr. IT dude responsible for the Kronos Applications for your company.

Of course you know that it's important to close all projects with a strong finish. However do you really provide knowledge transfer to your clients, business partners and colleagues? I find that many talented individuals horde their knowledge with the thought of JOB SECURITY.


We don't simply provide knowledge transfer in the form of documentation. We work hard to make certain all team members fully understand the processes assigned to them by providing a continuous learning experience for the duration of the project. This is accomplished by our Mentoring philosophy which drives communication throughout the engagement. In "giving away" our unique knowledge during an engagement we help improve the quality of work done everywhere and WE are forced to continually grow to stay ahead of the competition. We help the team out of their comfort zone to tackle new challenges and extend their vision by improving Kronos use beyond what was thought possible.

In addition, we incorporate into the training delivery the completed configuration and user specific tasks (taking advantage of employee work experience.) In this way, employees understand how Kronos fits into their job responsibilities, and how to use it to improve their individual job performance. This fosters independence, ownership and the ability for Kronos team members to do better work in the future.

You can do this too. Contact me for ideas about improving what we leave behind. Together we can make the Kronos customer world a much better work place.


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