Why use Kronos Workforce Record Manager?

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Why use Kronos Workforce Record Manager?

So you have bought a license for the Workforce Record Manager software. You know Kronos Record Manager will archive the data created when using the various Workforce Central products, for example, Workforce Timekeeper and Workforce Scheduler, but why, when, and how should it be used? This will be the topic of several blog entries over the next week or so.

First, the WHY of Record Manager

Often Kronos customers believe that copying data from their production database to an archive database and purging the copied data from their production
database using Workforce Record Manager will result in better performance of the Workforce Central products they use frequently in the production system. In reality, the use of Workforce Record Manager does not improve the performance of these Kronos products. Instead it reduces the amount of time it takes to maintain the Workforce Central production database. So, it will take less time to perform such database maintenance activities as backups, rebuilding of table indexes, and the updating of table statistics on the production database.This is good stuff and needed by many organizations.


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