Get It, Got It, Good - Increasing Efficiency with Kronos Training Zen

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Get It, Got It, Good - Increasing Efficiency with Kronos Training Zen

Get It, Got It, Good - Increasing Efficiency with Kronos Training Zen

After reviewing the blogs, white papers and presentations that describe the philosophy behind Training Zen, now it is time to consider if it actually works for you and your organization. After all, the initial investment will be higher than other forms of training. What is in it for you and what makes this work? These two things will be covered today and in the next blog article, "Efficient and effective Training."

What does it mean to be efficient? Specifically with a training program? Well, a good definition of efficiency is the performance of a function in the best possible manner with the least amount of time or effort. Basically, doing more with less. Getting more bang for your buck. In a training program, efficiency is achieved by providing a program that delivers the most specific, organizationally unique information delivered in a manner most similar to the learners working stimulus and environment; using tools to enhance retention for the length of the entire training event, and into the foreseeable future, and provide nothing else.

Let's break this definition down:  

Provide a program that delivers the most specific organizationally unique information - A Program. More than just a class with a book. A detailed plan that considers all variables, and takes those variables into account when providing unique deliverables based on how employees learn best. The information within those deliverables is unique to not only the organization, but the specific jobs within an organization. By providing real world examples in curriculum deliverables, and by using a mirrored training database as tools, per the tenets of Kronos Training Zen, you can to achieve this goal.  

Delivered in a manner most similar to the learners working stimulus and environment - Learners adapt to new information better when it relates to what they currently do. They also learn better when they can relate the new task to their current job. By reinforcing the benefits of this new task, the learner is more motivated to try the new tasks. That is a major step toward understanding the tasks within Kronos Workforce Central.

Using tools to enhance retention -  One important way to build retention is though repetition in materials and instruction. Showing different Workforce Central tasks from different points of view, then having learners participate in guided and practice exercises, followed immediately by review is an excellent strategy. If a learner understands how Kronos Workforce Central will positively affect their job they will be more motivated during training and more likely to try working with and mastering the application. Once they try they will strive to understand. Retention fits between trying and understanding. It is an important factor to ensure a successful learning event.

For the length of the training event, and into the foreseeable future -  One true means of efficiency in a training program is the ability to use the program now, during your Kronos implementation, and also in the future, for spot training, workshops, or for updated training based on the use of new features. The longer you use the materials within the training program, the more efficient the program is.  

...And provide nothing else -  A vital, and often misunderstood feature. It is not always better to provide more information. The key is to give learners JUST WHAT THEN NEED WHEN THEY NEED IT. Anything more than that is a waste of time and resources.  

Kronos Training Zen incorporates efficiency by providing only what is needed, but also by providing the best of what is necessary. What is covered most closely matches what learners will see on the job, in a manner that they are most comfortable and familiar with AND NOTHING ELSE.


Dwain Lambrigger is the father of Kronos Training Zen and the author of the "Arguments for Custom Training" white paper.


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