Cool Kronos stuff found today

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Cool Kronos stuff found today

Remember when you upgraded to 6.x and had to decide what to do with your 4,000 crystal reports? Edward has written a helpful article about the fun we can have when setting up KRONOS to run Crystal Reports via the Business Objects Enterprise server.

Also, did you know that Kronos is going to the Cloud Computing Expo? I didn't. "In his session at the 5th International Cloud Expo, Rohit Bhardwaj, Principal Software Engineer at Kronos, will explore data security and storage, privacy and data compliance issues as well as security management in cloud."

Now it's true that I think hosted solutions for WFM are often so much more expensive and difficult for the customer to deal with and thus don't typically recommend it. Still, we expect Kronos to push the envelope, test the market, and do this very 2010 type of thing. Given that, it's nice to see them putting some effort into being part of the Cloud community.


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