How to Display Your Company Logo on Your Kronos Application

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How to Display Your Company Logo on Your Kronos Application

(You can download a PPT presentation of this cool Kronos technique at: )

When you install your Kronos system and launch it for the first time, you may notice the pretty company logo in the upper left area of the logon screen.  Whose logo is it?  Surprise surprise… it belongs to Kronos!  And it probably looks a little like this:

Now, we all love Kronos, that’s why we bought it.  But we may want to have our corporate identity and logo (which we happen to think looks pretty sharp!) to be associated with the timekeeping application, rather than that of our beloved vendor.  Luckily, swapping the Kronos logo for yours is a simple procedure.

First, find your logo, either from your corporate communications department, or from your corporate website.  Edit it so that it is reasonably close to the pixel dimensions 326 x 50.  It will help if there is some blue in it, so that it does not clash too much with the blue-toned Kronos sign-on screen. Hey, just because you are a timekeeping system administrator does not mean that you have no sense of aesthetics!

Second, replace the Kronos logo with your own.  To do so, follow these steps:

  • Log on to your Kronos application server

  • Using Windows Explorer, locate the Kronos\\wfc\\applications\\wpk\\html\\images folder.  It

  • could be on the C, D, or E drive, depending on how your application server was configured (see figure below)

  • Copy your desired logo (from step 1 above) to that folder.  It can be in GIF, JPG, or even PNG format

  • Within that folder, locate the file logo64.gif, and rename it to Logo64Kronos.gif

  • Rename the file copied in step ‘c’ to logo64.gif.   Note: This file does NOT need to be an actual gif-formatted file.  Name it logo64.gif anyway.  Trust us on this one – the browser will not care.

  • Click View-Refresh from your browser, and Voila!  Your company logo, or project logo, or timekeeping system branding, or whatever graphic you wish to appear, will appear to your employees when they launch the application.


 So what about the tiny Kronos logo in the upper left, after you have logged on and you see the actual application?  It looks like this:



The file name is Cornergraphic164*124-2.jpg, and it is in the same folder (see ‘b’ above).  It is trickier to manipulate, since it is so small, but the idea is still the same.  Replace Cornergraphic164*124-2.jpg with the desired file, and you are good to go.

Article contributed by Myron Oakes. Thank you!


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