Kronos can have multiple Callable Totalizers

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Kronos can have multiple Callable Totalizers

Would you like Dramatic Response Time Improvements?

WFC v5.1 and below:

Most Kronites know that this is the routine Workforce Central Timekeeper uses to calculate totals interactively when viewing employees. It invokes the Totalizer just for those employees whose totals have not yet been computed by the Background Processor (not up to date.) It doesn’t do anything with these results except display them on the screen. They are tossed out when done. They don’t update the database. They are just for the users viewing pleasure. Did you know that it’s used also by Group Edits to calculate totals and by Accruals to calculate accrual balances? It’s an important little process.

There are several settings available but the most important one to understand is site.totalizer.number_of_engines. Yep, you read that correctly. One can have multiple Callable Totalizers. Imagine the power! I’ve had success with up to four. To quote the brilliant Kronos docs:

"After the system is running, multiple Callable Totalizers can provide fast totalization requests throughput than a single Callable Totalizer can. Four Callable Totalizers may produce totalization request throughput that is four times as fast!" (emphasis mine)

Give it a try. If you have over 1000 emps I expect your users will notice a significant response time improvement with as few as two, more than 3-4000 emps and I suggest four. Of course your mileage may vary. It depends mostly on how many users are actually working on the system at the same time, not the employee population.”

Watch for some thoughts on the totalizers from 5.2 and newer in a later post! 

Reprinted from Improv's TNT written 12/11/08


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