Kronos passwords on the loose?

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Kronos passwords on the loose?

Kronos passwords on the loose?

One of the things that we're finding in almost every Kronos Timekeeper Implementation Audit we perform is that some, if not all of the default passwords are still in place. This is even the case with hosted systems! I'm not one of those security freaks who suggest locking down systems until they are close to unusable, however, there is no excuse for not managing system passwords during an implementation or upgrade of Kronos software.

Kronos security wide openSo why is this happening? Why do Kronos implementers leave the door wide open? Well, some are rushed and only perform the tasks specifically defined in their work order. Other times we find that people leave them so it's easier to manage the account later. There are 15 usernames that should be changed before going live. Kronos documents how and why to change these in the Workforce Central implementation documentation and in a really good Password Management document you can find on the support site. There is no excuse to not 'deal' with this during implementation. Did you?


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