You are our Kronos Workforce Trainer! Congratulations...I Think

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You are our Kronos Workforce Trainer! Congratulations...I Think

You are our Kronos Workforce Trainer! Congratulations...I Think

We have spent a lot of time talking about the things that make Improv's Training Zen different from the standard approach to a Kronos training implementation. One specific aspect is the importance of employee input, and the use of employee experience in training development. A good way to incorporate employees into the training plan is to use them as trainers.

There are good reasons to use employees as trainers for a Workforce Central implementation, especially if those employees are managers. First, participants are more likely to listen to a manager because that manager knows what they do, and may be better than them as doing it! A manager involved with the implementation of Kronos Workforce Central will know better than anyone how the Kronos application will affect their day-to-day job, in a positive way. Obviously, participants will have more respect for the manager/trainer than they would some trainer off the street. Lastly, the manager/trainer will provide valuable insight in the development phase, and the delivery phase of the training implementation because of their vast experience. No one will have more real world experience to share with participants than a manager. 

Occasionally, people will complement me on how well my kids are Your kids are great!acting, by saying something like: "I am impressed how nice your kids are!" and my response is always the same, "They certainly can be." Maybe it's the pragmatist in me; maybe I have seen too many knock down drag out fights between siblings within the walls of our home. I have seen them behave pretty poorly, and I have seen them behave very well. The same can be said with your manager/trainer. He/she can be a valuable resource to a training implementation, or a they can create obstacles to the learning process. 

How do we make this an absolute positive? First, make sure the selected manager is an absolute convert to Kronos Workforce Central. Being a true convert means that followers more than believe; true conversion means that followers KNOW! Managers must KNOW that Workforce Central will improve the way time is tracked and processed within their organization. Managers must KNOW that they will have more control with Workforce Central, and that recording time will be easier with it. Managers must KNOW that there will be fewer errors. They need to KNOW; without question. 

Second, make sure this is a manager that employees respect. A manager with a lot of tenure in the organization often fits the bill here; provided he/she is 'converted' as mentioned above, and fully understands the benefits it provides. Employees are more likely to listen (and trust) the tenured manager regarding the benefits of Kronos before they listen to an HR Representative, Project Manager, or even a trainer brought in from outside the organization!

Finally, is this manager willing and able to train? Generally, it is a bad idea to select a manager that has little or no training experience. However most every manager has some training experience working with small groups, and that can be built upon. Often, with this level of training experience, and a desire to participate, a good Train the Trainer program can bridge the gap, providing opportunities to really understand the course materials, and get some practice presenting curriculum in front of a group. Familiarity is also important. Make sure the selected manager/trainer is familiar with Workforce Central. By knowing most of what will be trained before training, the manager/trainer can focus on training the material without concern for knowing the application itself. 

There is a lot of work involved with having a manager act as a trainer for your Kronos Workforce Central implementation, but the benefits are well worth it. They say "Those that can't do, teach". By following these steps, you can have a trainer that can do both. 

As always, good luck with your training implementation.


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