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I know people who know Kronos and how to manage the inevitable CHANGE

I know people who know Kronos and how to manage the inevitable CHANGE

Love this blog entry I found in my Twitter feed

An Important Reminder Regarding Change, Disruption & Uncertainty

Actually, the graphic is the entire article and I think it makes a great point. It's just untrue in my Kronos world.

I know people who manage change during a Kronos implementation or upgrade brilliantly. They look for the ROI that these disruptions can bring. They look for the opportunity inherent in the process that is often missed by a 'slam it in' mentality. They evaluate the potential strategic reconciliation with the rest of the organization finding important information that changes the entire upgrade process.

I know people who handle disruption and uncertainty with a Wow! attitude. They see opportunities in the process rather than potential failure. They teach that now is the time to re-visit, re-evaluate and possibly re-work processes, procedures, protocols and plans. They stare 'scary' right in the face and ask really great questions. Then they listen.

I know people who show that uncertainty gives teams the chance to shine; to define what it is to succeed in ways way beyond the existing expectations and plan. These people know how to Wow! the team.

I know great people and it makes my work a pleasure. Thank you all. 


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