Keep Workforce Timekeeper Training Simple

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Keep Workforce Timekeeper Training Simple

Keep Workforce Timekeeper Training Simple
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"And like that…he’s gone" That quote comes from the move The Usual Suspects. Verbal is a handicapped thief who gets rounded up with a group of criminals forced to commit crimes for a strong-willed and merciless crime lord named Keyser Soze. Verbal was talking about Keyser Soze in that quote. He was untouchable, invisible, and extremely powerful. 

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No, no, no. I am not asking you to start a career in crime, I just really like that movie, and was looking for a work related reason to watch it again. The point I am making with my Keyser Soze reference is simple. Get in. Present the information. Get done. Simple, right? Well, sometimes it isn't.

I had a project manager ask me about training for Workforce Timekeeper 6.2. He stated that they were moving from 6.0 and was concerned about the amount of information for his managers.
He was debating between a half day live distance learning course,
or a web based tutorial. He had just been to training for 6.2 and learned so many great things about Workforce Timekeeper that he was brimming with excitement to get this information out to his people. I asked him how they used 6.0. Then I asked him how they planned to use 6.2. After thinking of that, he realized, with the exception of four new features, that his managers would use Workforce Timekeeper 6.2 in the same way as they did 6.0. The look and feel were the same, the access was the same.

This project manager got hung up on the many new features in 6.2 before understanding that most of them wouldn't be used by his managers. We came to a realization that the half day training should be cut to a 30 minute presentation, and that the manual he was planning on creating should really be a single page job aid.

Remember, keep it simple. Know what you need. Understand your learners and your organization.

Good luck with your Kronos training implementation.   


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