Kronos testing of email notification

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Kronos testing of email notification

We've had an interesting discussion about this internally and with some friends, and have gotten a couple of good responses on the best way to handle this. Now I'm looking for your input. How do you do this? Here is the original question.

"What is the best practice for testing emailed stuff in a Kronos TEST environment? A friend has a situation where there are quite a few emails to go out in the test system so he’s afraid to turn it on and have 500 emails go out. He, I believe, wants to test it for just a few people on a workflow or something."

So, one answer was, "The email notifications have hyperfinds attached to them, i.e., hyperfinds for managers and/or employees depending on the type of notification. While testing I temporarily change the Hyperfinds by adding a selection to include only few people in them. When fully tested I move it to Prod and remove the temp change in the hyperfinds. Sometimes I test the notifications directly in Prod using this same method."

And another, "Using SQL on the test system, change everyone’s email address to the same address." or "Modify the person import to change the email address of everyone to perhaps all the same email for testing."

So, what do you think? How do you do test email notification in Kronos Timekeeper?


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