Quick Tips When Conducting Kronos Workforce Training

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Quick Tips When Conducting Kronos Workforce Training

When training, distractions are something you have to deal with. Even the best planned training course will have them. Here are some quick tips to deal with challenges that present themselves in a training class. Hopefully these will be useful for your next Kronos training.  

Gosh, it's 8:00. Your class was supposed to start, but only three of the 15 participants are in class. You have a decision to make. Start the class now and risk the distraction of having as many as 13 learners come in late.

describe the imageTry the 5/50 rule. Thank the participants who are on time. Let them know that less than half of the class is present and that you don't want a distraction for them, therefore you will wait five minutes before starting class. Don't do this more than two times, as it will be difficult to give up 10 minutes of your class without running late. Your on time participants will appreciate your desire to present a class with less distractions, and you will get the opportunity to get a full class before starting.

Stack it, stop it or set it down - When training, it is easy to focus on what is being presented. Sometimes when this happens we take 08_QuickTips_Instructor_02on repetitive motions that become distracting to the class. A good example is the instructor that is continually opening and closing the cap of a pen. Before too long, participants in the class get to a "light shad of crazy" listening to the pop, pop, pop of that pen cap. For me, it was rolling the change around in my pocket. For some, it is balancing several workbooks. Well, before the start of class, take the change from you pockets and stack it at your desk. Put a pen in your pocket, so you are less likely to play with it, or simply set the books down. Don't be a distraction in your own class!  

Running late? Don't let it show - Just about the worst thing you can do in a training class, or at least in the top ten, is to go late. This will drive some participants crazy. Regardless of the reason for being late, the fact of the matter is that there that the curriculum must be presented. I find that it is often best to not mention the time when running late. It is likely participants will notice, but generally they are understanding and will sit with you. Try not to keep participants too long. More than 15 minutes and they will check out on you. Keep going, get through the material, and most importantly, thank them for their patience once the class has ended.   

By keeping distraction down you are creating a better learning environment for your participants. This should be one of your primary goals as a trainer.  

Good luck with your Kronos training implementation.


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