How Adult Learners Learn Kronos Part III: Give it to me NOW!

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How Adult Learners Learn Kronos Part III: Give it to me NOW!

So you want to save money! You are practically stealing with these prices! How can you afford not to? I started drinking Ginkoaloweed and lost 10lbs in a week! We are bombarded today with promises of instant or nearly instant gratification. From TV to print to radio; heck even at movie theaters now; the promise of vast results for minimal effort are everywhere. Why? I mean really, look at this guy. We know he is going to try to sell use something, and probably something we don't want. So why is he successful? BECAUSE WE ALL WANT SOMETHING FOR NOTHING... AND WE WANT IT NOW!

If you call now, you won't even pay for shipping!

Don't believe me?  When is the last time you bought something on QVC? How many of you have a chamois like cloth for cleaning in your house.  Magic putty anyone? Let's face it, we can be drawn in to these almost hypnotic sales pitches. I guess it's just nature. This need affects us as adult learners as well.

We are more concentrated in learning when we get something valuable out of it...

It makes your whites even whiter, your colors even brighter!

Obviously Kronos Workforce Timekeeper can make a big difference in how an employee or a manager records and/or reviews time. The key here is to show some specifics. I mean, it's great to hear how well a detergent cleans, but I want to see just how white that shirt is...

How can we apply this to Timekeeper. There are a couple of good ways I have used in the past: 

TAKE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE BEFORE AND MAKE IT FASTER AND/OR EASIER - I like to remind managers what a chore it is to look at every timecard, whether or not they have to, to find any exceptions. Every manager in the room can empathize with that issue. Then I log on to Workforce Timekeeper, access the appropriate genie, then double-click the appropriate column to show them every employee with the specifically chosen exception. It takes no more than five to seven clicks and they have a list of the time cards they need to review AND ONLY THOSE TIMECARDS. Everyone in the class can see one of the big advantages of Kronos, and how it will positively impact their work on a daily basis. 

It chops, it dices, look as it cuts this boot, but is still sharp enough to slice paper thin pieces of tomato!

GIVE THEM MORE CONTROL WITH LITTLE EFFORT - It isn't always about making things faster or easier, sometimes it is about bringing something new to the table. Again, let's talk about managers. I can show them how to delegate their employees to another manager temporarily while they are on vacation. A huge feature! Even more important, I can show them how to deny a request to be a delegate! This type of feature allows them to control who will access their employee's data while they are gone.

You decide if you want to turn off your home alarm, turn on music, turn on your lights or open your garage door!

Give your learners something they can take with them. Something tangible that they can use right away. Something they will value. By doing this, you will energize their learning experience, create anticipation in your learners and as a result, improve the learning experience. And all that for three easy payments of $19.95!

Good luck with your Kronos training implementation.


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