Kronos Time Off Request Paycode - questions from a client

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Kronos Time Off Request Paycode - questions from a client

Kronos Time Off Request Paycode - questions from a client

"I am working on the Pay Code Profiles for a Kronos Time Off Request or TOR and I am little confused.  A consultant responded with an email that the TOR uses the Edit Pay Code Profile which concerns me not from the employee standpoint but from the Supervisor standpoint as they have more access to Pay Codes than the regular employee.  Is this true will a Supervisor get a large list of Pay Codes when they do a TOR for themselves?

One more question, what about the View Pay Codes is that used by TOR?" 


When someone is a supervisor and has a manager license assigned to their record, then they will get additional manager only fields, including a separate and distinct VIEW Paycode Profile & EDIT Paycode Profile.

Collectively an employee who is also a supervisor will have a total of 3 paycode profiles:




A supervisor will also have the ability to have 2 different kinds of PROCESS PROFILES associated with their record:



As the Process Mgr Template is written, the Employee EDIT Paycode Profile is the only paycode profile that will be associated with the Time Off Request regardless of what a Supervisor might have as their Paycode View/Edit access.

For example:

I have a Test Manager in the system right now that I’ve used for the TOR testing process.  (Test, Manager TOR / TEST999991)

This employee is technically an employee and a supervisor, just like what we’re talking about in this scenario. As a Supervisor, they have access to ALL PAYCODES in VIEW and EDIT.

Kronos Time Off Request1

As an Employee, they have access to NO paycodes… the selection is “Empty Profile”.

Kronos Time Off Request2

If you were to pull up a TOR for this person as an Employee… you’d login and select MY INFORMATION>MYACTIONS>TIME OFF REQUEST and there would be nothing listed in the paycode drop down, because it is pointed to the Empty Profile assignment on the Employee Role tab.

Kronos Process Designer Kronos Process Designer

As a manager, I could login and navigate to GENERAL>ACTIONS>TIME OFF REQUEST but that would never be a legitimate use of the Time Off Request because a manager cannot submit a TOR for their employee.  BUT even if I were to open it up, given that I was assigned a Manager TOR Process Profile, then my pay code drop down is still empty because it’s pointing to my EMPLOYEE Edit Pay code Profile, not the supervisor profile.

Kronos Timekeeper TOR  Kronos Timekeeper TOR

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