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What Do You Expect from Kronos WFC Course Participants?

What Do You Expect from Kronos WFC Course Participants?

We have spent a good deal of time talking about what the role of a trainer is in a Kronos Workforce training course. As I have said previously, I want to maintain an environment where learning can take place. I am responsible for everything in the classroom, from what I say to the materials provided, to the light and temperature of the training room.  That is on me. But what is on the participants?  What do we require in this contracted relationship we call a training class.  What do you expect of your participants?  What will you ACCEPT from your participants?  Two different questions... This may help you understand a little better.   

I EXPECT attentive participants. I ACCEPT consciousness and semi-regular eye contact.

I EXPECT participants who understand their organization's policies and procedures; how they will be affected by their Kronos Workforce application, and ask questions when they are unclear. I ACCEPT participants willing to learn without that understanding and who ask questions that even remotely relate to the topic at hand.

I EXPECT that participants will have a willingness to learn. I ACCEPT that there are personal issues that conflict with that desire.

describe the imageI EXPECT Kronos training participants to ask questions when unsure of a topic. I ACCEPT the confused look on a participant's face. 

I EXPECT that participants will fight the anxiety of learning something new by working hard in class. I ACCEPT that this isn't always possible, and that they may need help.

I EXPECT participants to be on time and seated at the start of a class. I ACCEPT that there will always be excuses for being late.

I EXPECT that I will be able to hold the attention of participants for at least two hours at a time. I ACCEPT that people go out socially, even on weekdays.

I EXPECT that there is not such thing as a bad question. I ACCEPT that bad questions are still asked...frequently.

I EXPECT that the materials and course provided meet the needs of the participants as they move to the new Kronos Timekeeper application(s), incorporating a complete list of topics covered, including examples that participants can relate to and embedding exercises that provide valuables experience to participants during class time. I ACCEPT that some participants may not think so.

I EXPECT that participants will be respectful of other participants and myself. I ACCEPT nothing less.

I realize that some of these were funny, but almost all of them, as any trainer will attest, are true. So, what do you expect, and what will you accept? Better yet, what is UNACCEPTABLE? Really think about it. Put these standards to every class you present. Let them know what is required and you may be surprised at how well your participants meet those standards.

Good luck with your Kronos training implementation.


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