Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

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Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

Software Doesn't Solve Problems, People Do

I just read an article from a completley different discipline and am really happy to see that some truths are common everywhere. Ken Kaufman is a blogger I follow for Financial and Accounting guidance. He writes about all sorts of stuff from Customer Service to CFO goodies and I generally agree with his point of view. This particualar article talks about a topic near and dear to all of Improvizations Kronos Consultants,

"It's People and Processes MUCH MORE than it's the software"

Now I'm sure you've heard this over and over, but do you really act on it? Most Kronos implementation or upgrade teams focus on what I call "Slamming it in," as opposed to really evaluating the gap it's supposed to fill and considering the effects of the change that's coming. Software doesn't solve problems, people do. Use your people.


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