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Know Knows in Kronos Timekeeper Training

Know Knows in Kronos Timekeeper Training

As a trainer, speaking to trainers, it seems like there are so many variables to your class. The biggee's? The network, the application, the participants. We always try to manage these variables as best we can. The way I do this is by knowing what I need to know, and then some. Taking the time to know as much as we can will improve the quality of the training course. That's what we are going for, right? This is what I need to know, every time I present a course. No ifs, and. or buts.  

Know the Network - Hey, I'm not a guru or anything. I can certainly plug in a cat cable, but anything above that is a stretch. So, as they say, if you don't have the answer, know who does; namely, your network administrator. Know when you can call, when you can text, or when you can e mail; but most importantly, know how to get a hold of him (or her) during a class. You will need their immediate attention when (not if) things go haywire. It's going to happen, so know who is out there to help. Generally a ten to fifteen minute fix is required, for a lot of network issues. The real delay is waiting for the guy to call you back!  Be prepared for the worst.28_KnowKnows_01 Network Admin

Know the Application - This is easy, know the tips, know the tricks, and know what users should watch out for.  A simple example is the use if the browser's back button. We always warn users to navigate Kronos with the tools provided IN Workforce Timekeeper. By using the browsers "Back" button, you may back yourself right out of Workforce Timekeeper! It's easy to regurgitate the stuff written in the manual. That's only half the course, and, if I may say so, it's the easy half. Know the little stuff, it means a lot. Go beyond the obvious.   

Know the Course - Obvious. Know the material. Know the practice exercises, know the right answers and most of the wrong ones. Know why the answers are right and why the wrong answers are wrong. Your participants will make a lot of the mistakes you do. You improve the QUALITY of their learning when you can not only recognize the error, but show them how they got there, and where the mistake was made. Dig deeper.

28_KnowKnows_02 Training Course

Know the Participants - You will know before hand who is in your class. Generally, they will all be from one organizations, but occasionally, you have a class with multiple organizations represented. Know your participants by name (duh! that's obvious)  and refer to them by name throughout the class. If you forgot a name, ask again, BUT WRITE IT DOWN!  Know where your participants are from, what business sector. Each sector has unique Kronos related challenges, be it healthcare or retail. Let each person know some questions they may have to answer, some challenges they may have to face as they implement Workforce Timekeeper. Healthcare and Retail sectors create schedules that are more complex than those of manufacturing, or government/education. Know this, bring it up. Ask intelligent questions that will help you present a better class, and allow the participant the opportunity to speak about what they know, what they are an EXPERT on. That has the added benefit of building the confidence of the participant.  

 So that's it. What you know makes your class better. The more you know the better.

 Good luck with your Kronos training implementation.  


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