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Nurses, Use Your Kronos Timeclocks!

Nurses, Use Your Kronos Timeclocks!

I’m sure you have heard this before. Your nurses are too busy to sit around the timeclock waiting to punch in and out. They need to get to work, and worrying about department transfers will simply slow them down, or worse yet, take them away from what they are supposed to do, care for their patients. 

Frankly, I agree with them. The most important role of a nurse is to care for their patients. I want them focused on that task, all day, every day. Still, it's a question that must be answered,

How do we get nurses to learn and use the Kronos 4500 terminal correctly? 

If we don’t know when a nurse arrives, how long they take for a lunch break, or when they transfer departments, they may not be paid correctly. Also, time spent trying to reconcile this information at the end of a pay period  is also time taken away from their job, and most likely, more time than if they had clocked in and out properly in the first place! 

When implementing Workforce Timekeeper for the first time, it’s important to communicate to The venerable Kronos 4500nurses that the 4500 terminal is the fastest way to record time, be it an in punch, an out punch or any type of transfer. 

Really, it’s as easy as using an ATM!  Who out there doesn’t know how to do that?

Challenges, of course there are challenges. There will be anxiety when first using the terminal. There will be mistakes that you, as a nurse manager will have to clean up. Expect this, plan for this and you will be ahead of the game. There will be push back. I mean, after all,

some of those nurses have been using time-cards for 10, 15 or even 30 years, and dog gone it, it still works!  What would make them want to change to Kronos?   

You change because you can get more accurate information more quickly than before. You change because the chances of making a mistake on a timecard are fewer, and most importantly, you change because less time is spent in the process. What that means to your nurses is more accurate paychecks in a more-timely manner. Who doesn’t like that? Once communicated in that way, it is more likely that your nurses will accept the new Kronos 4500 terminal, and be more willing to use it. By addressing the concerns of your nurses, patiently accepting their mistakes, and responding to their questions, you will go a long way toward the successful use of your Kronos 4500 terminal. 

I would love to hear you success stories with the nurses in your organization, so leave a comment and let everyone know what has worked for you! 


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