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Recording PTO in Kronos Timekeeper

Recording PTO in Kronos Timekeeper

There are many ways to record an employee’s PTO in Workforce Timekeeper. The four most common are:

1) Recording Time Off in the Timecard
2) Recording Time Off in the Schedule
3) Requesting Time Off at the 4500 Terminal
4) Requesting Time Off using a Time Off Request form

I think most readers are familiar with applying time in the timecard, so we won't discuss that process in this entry other than to say it’s the most common way for managers to add to employee time in Workforce Timekeeper. A lot of users don’t use the schedule to record PTO for employees. This is unfortunate, because it is just a simple to record PTO on the Workforce Timekeeper schedule as it is in the Workforce Timekeeper timecard, but it can be done far in advance of the time off date.

It’s a nice little function in the schedule that most users should be aware of.

The last two options are ones that the employee must complete. If configured correctly, the 4500 terminal can be used by employees to record their own time off. Though not as simple a process as punching in, it is just as easy as getting money from an ATM, and WE ALL KNOW HOW TO DO THAT! For employees that don’t use the 4500 Terminal, they can record time off from their desktop. When accessing Workforce, they will have an option to record their Actions. One of the most commonly used forms is the Time Off Request form. It looks similar to the request on the 4500 terminal. Simply fill out the request, and it is sent to the employee manager, as with the 4500 Terminal request. The manager has the ability to accept or deny the request. The employee received a message regarding that request from either K Mail (inside Kronos) or in an e mail message. (if configured) It’s that simple!

Go get that PTO recorded!


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