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Tools for Faster Scheduling in Kronos

Tools for Faster Scheduling in Kronos

Scheduling is an important job within any organization. Several organizations buy Workforce Timekeeper just for that functionality. 

So how do you get the most out of Workforce Scheduling?  How can you speed up your scheduling process?  Here are a few quick tips.

Now this isn't going to be a scheduling piece on advanced features, or specific to a vertical market, although that has been addressed.

Schedule Patterns – You have a group of employees who have a schedule that repeats on a regular interval?  (Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annually, every 547 days) Then you need to build a pattern.  Patterns are pretty simple to create and will apply the schedule time after time forever; so long as it has a regular recurring interval. I know what you are thinking. Yes, you can edit the schedule pattern for a specific shift or a group of shift, heck, you can even apply another pattern on top of this pattern! Kronos Schedule patterns are a super tool!

Shift Templates – When you copy something in MS Word or Excel, it goes to the clip board. From there you can paste it where you want. Shift Templates are simply shifts that are saved in a clipboard like space. You can access the at any time. Commonly there are many shift saved as shift templates and available for your use. Another advantage, less chance of typing the wrong shift in the employee schedule! 

Schedule Groups – Just as name infers, schedule groups are created and employees are assigned to them. The advantage here is that you only need to set a schedule up once, and when the employee is assigned to the group, they are automatically assigned to the schedule. When the schedule is edited, it is automatically edited in the employees schedule, and yes, you can use schedule patterns to build a schedule assigned to a schedule group! 

All of these tools are extremely useful for your everyday scheduling needs. Get familiar with them and speed up that schedule!

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